Variadic Functions & stdarg.h

If you’ve ever programmed using C or C++, you’ve probably come across the function printf(). It’s a very popular function and all of C/C++ coders have seen it before. printf (short for print formatted) basically prints formatted data to standard output (STDOUT). The function does so by using its format parameter, and the variables you want to p...

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Who Moved My Cheese?

We’ve all seen how 2020 is a very different year compared to the years of the last decade. Even after things get back to “normal”, they just won’t be the same. That is due to a lot of changing factors around us that we can’t directly control such as the economy, the political scenes, and a lot of others. We’re unable to predict what will happen...

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The Art of Cybersecurity (And how to get into it)

You put on your black hoodie, install Kali Linux, change your Facebook cover photo to edgiest pic related to hacking that you can find and boom! hacker mode. Hell yes, you’re ready to become the next Elliot Alderson and hack the FBI with your 1337 command line tools, that router in your neighbour’s living room that you always wanted access to, a...

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