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A little bit about myself: My real name is Ahmed Elmayyah(AKA Satharus in some places), I graduated from the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Computer Systems Department, Ain Shams University in July 2021. I’m a cybersecurity enthusiast and researcher, tinkerer, and a strong supporter of free/libre software and decentralisation. I currently work as a Hardware and Firmware Threat Research Analyst at HP. Sometimes I do purple-teaming too. I am also a GCFA and an eCRE.

I was born in Cairo, Egypt and grew up in the town of Cumbernauld in Scotland. My family moved back to Cairo -where I lived for 13 years- when I was around 10. Now, I live in Bristol, England. What a weird journey, huh?

My hobbies have mostly been tech-related, such as electronics, cybersecurity, custom PC building and hardware, videogames(add me on Steam), and programming. I also enjoy cycling, swimming, writing, research, and progressive rock music.

“Satharus” was the name of my character in a couple of RPG games during high school and it just kinda stuck with me.

You can check some of my work here. Needless to say, any ideas, views, and opinions depicted on this blog are completely my own and do not represent or reflect on any ideas, views, and opinions related to my employer whatsoever.


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Since this website is static, I couldn’t find a proper way to add a comment system in order to get feedback from my readers without resorting to solutions which affect my readers’ privacy. So I am encouraging anyone who visits this website to not hesitate if they have any comments or feedback! Email or DM me your suggestions, feedback, and comments anytime!