My Work

I usually like to tinker with low level programming, reverse engineering, Linux, and hardware and stuff. You can find the link to my GitHub in the footer of this page.

Here’s some of the work I am proud of, in no particular order:

  • The 4043: A Ben Eater-inspired Turing complete 8Bit breadboard computer using TTL chips, presented in a blog post trilogy which explains computer architecture and how it would map to such a project
  • Check out some of my Bash Snippets
  • Full 128-bit AES Encryption written in x86 assembly without using the AES-NI extension. Alongside is the NASM template for writing quick assembly programs
  • The not so chad shell
  • The (forever) WIP GDB interface: Disass

Not strictly software, but related:

Here are some other posts I’ve published elsewhere:

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